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2020 is possibly the year we all want to forget. It's been plagued with operational shutdowns, loss of clients, increased health and safety issues and increasing debts. Understandably, what was top of mind for many managing directors and business owners was survival. 

We are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel with staged openings for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry. More commercial laundries are pick up the pace as we see a resurgence for textile care as society begins to re-engage with life. Dining out, meeting friends at the pub, relaxing in spa's and enjoying staycations are on everyone's list. 

However, this return to normal does not mean people are returning to the life they had before the pandemic. Yes, individuals, friends, couples and families want to eat, laugh, relax and travel together, but not in the same way they did pre-pandemic. Research tells us new societal trends are emerging. Here is a brief overview.

Firstly, people alter their preference for certain leisure activities in a personal bid to reduce climate change. Secondly, a new 'war on waste' indicates that individuals and specific groups in society are willing to reject brands guilty of wasteful production practices and overconsumption. Thirdly, there is a desire to live in a synthetic-free society where brands tell no lies or employ shady practices regarding any products and services they offer. 


The effect this has on commercial launderers

We all know that frequent travellers cite cleanness as the most critical factor when choosing where their next stay could be. Now, post-pandemic, it's not just about giving hotels, spas, restaurants ‘whiter than white' clean linen. 

In today's world, commercial launderers need to make sure they can provide textile care services that satisfy the high expectations of their customers end-users; travellers, diners and leisure guests. The stakes have got higher. 

This year (especially after being at home for so long), staying in a hotel is a long-awaited treat. It might be an expensive treat as hoteliers up their prices to make amends for the losses they've incurred during every lockdown.

In addition to the usual standards of luxury, there is little doubt that customers will also expect a 'safe' stay where there is significant emphasis on facilities being super clean to hygienic bed linen and towels. 

After all, that's happened over the last twelve months, who wouldn't feel a bit funny about sleeping in bed sheets that still carry staining and greying despite it being a freshly laundered bed sheet. 

Hoteliers will feel the fall-out from negative customer reviews. This places added pressure on laundry owners who must find ways to maintain a hygienic, sanitised, whiter than white, long-lasting textile service.  


How commercial launderers can create that safe experience

As the UK re-opens for business, the need for efficient and effective commercial laundries will only increase. Now is an excellent opportunity for business owners and managing directors to re-invent their wash and drying processes to provide a safer, cleaner and more efficient professional laundry service. Here are a some ways we can work with you to achieve that goal. 


The Power of Wash & Protect

The new Antimicrobial Wash & Protect range from Laundry Efficiency is one way you can do this. Our new chemicals use silver-ion technology which inhibits the survival of any bacterial or viruses that may be present on linen. It also reduces odour forming bacteria leading to cleaner and fresher outcomes. Ultimately, when used in your wash cycles, you play an active part in containing and preventing viral and bacterial pathogens living on linen. It is so effective that laboratory tests show linen can stay pathogen-free for up to three months after laundering - a claim verified by independent ISO22196:2011 testing. 

After testing it in his premises, Paul Woodhead, Managing Director of Telford Laundry, said, 'This is the next step in laundry'.


The Immense Savings of Ozone Technology

Taking it one step further, you can also redesign your wash process by using our 'NASA' developed Ozone technology. This is an advanced but affordable wash system that kills bacteria, halves your washing time, reduces your drying time, dramatically cuts your chemical bill depending on garment type and lowers your gas and energy bills. All of which combined reduces your carbon footprint. Ultimately Ozone is 3,000 times faster at destroying bacteria than the usual and incredibly harmful chemical offerings of bleaches. 

Our ozone system has won many awards for its effectiveness, green credentials and efficiencies that save our customers time and money. What's more, it paves the way for greenwashing, a key consideration as commercial launders embrace their responsibilities in cleaning up the textile care industry. 

Laundry Efficiency uses nothing but good Ozone and is very different to other ozone systems sold on the market by others. Real-time data and proven case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the bespoke solutions we provide. 

Implementing these two solutions gives launderers plenty of opportunities to show their hotel, leisure, hospitality and medical customers that they can produce white than white and cleaner than clean linen, towels and uniforms. 


The success of being an industry leader

We advocate best practice and take a consultative approach to advise and create best-fit systems for commercial laundries of all shapes and sizes, including small family independents and large commercial enterprises. We encourage complete buy-in from everyone and work with you to train users up to healthcare standards, providing certification for laundry operators. 

We have seen many commercial laundry customers enjoy renewed reputations and accolade for best practice and see a healthy return on investment. 

Forward-thinking and environmentally aware commercial launders can rely on Laundry Efficiency to provide a complete 'green washing' system. A system that saves money, time, resources and provides credibility when it comes to eco responsibilities. 


Why wait

Recent social trends indicate a new 'war on waste' is burgeoning, suggesting the general public could very likely reject a hotel, gym, spa or restaurant because of perceived waste creation and consumption. Therefore, as the textile care market innovates after a challenging year, Laundry Efficiency has award-winning products that give laundry owners a springboard for a brighter future.

Ask us how you can work with research and development reliefs, government initiatives and capital gains allowances to invest in your laundry operations for long-term financial and operational gains. 

Email graham@theefficiencygroup.global for more information. 


Laundry Efficiency win prestigious Queens Award for Sustainable Development

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