Laundry Efficiency is run by Graham and Colin Oakley. Together with their team, they have over 40 combined years of experience in helping laundries become more efficient and more productive.

We understand the complications that come with running a busy laundry business. We understand the time and the resource struggles but we also understand the growth opportunities within this market space. We help laundry owners drive efficiency gains, increase productivity and put money back in their pockets.

The equipment and solutions offered by Laundry Efficiency power some of the most advanced Ozone generation systems in the market today. Our products are continuously enhanced with the latest technologies available which also improves the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of our equipment.

Our products have a track record of drastically reducing energy and chemical consumption in commercial laundries as well as making an environmental difference to your business bottom line.

We look forward to working with you.

Colin Oakley
Colin Oakley

As the founder of Laundry Efficiency, Colin brings considerable experience from a career with a range of other businesses, including Atlas Water Harvesting, where he created rain water harvesting solutions. His passion for providing businesses with environmentally friendly and financially sound solutions is second to none, with his passion for the state of the art technology evident in everything he does.

Graham Oakley
Graham Oakley

Graham has vast experience in project management having overseen one of Europe's largest housing developments for the MOD, consisting of 346 hours in 12 months. Bringing that experience to the laundry industry , Graham manages all of the installations for the company. Graham works with clients to not only do the initial installation but works with them on an ongoing basis to create more efficient programmes based upon their needs.


Laundry Efficiency win prestigious Queens Award for Sustainable Development

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